Welcome! I’m thrilled that you have landed on this page! I’m not going to bore you with all that copy+paste methodologies or approaches that no one pays attention to. Let’s just dive into the things that matter, that is, how I can help you.

I’m not a believer in an ad-supported model so to pay the bills and continue developing kick-ass content for this site; I provide consultancy services for businesses that are looking to make an impact and deliver effective strategies that add value and empower your target audiences.

Training & Consultancy: The Enlightenment Process

Before you dive into the deep end and engage a vendor, it’s good to know where you are and what you are getting yourself into first. I call this the enlightenment process.


First Session
A 1-1 session where I will sit down with you (and your team), and gain an in-depth understanding of your business objectives. Along the way, I will also provide essential training to help empower you and your team.

Second Session
With a better understanding of your business, I will proceed to develop a full-fledged plan and go in-depth into the implementation of the strategy. By the end of these sessions, you’ll become more insightful and hopefully, have a better understanding of how to navigate your company to success.

Implementation & Follow up
You can have the best plan in the world, but everything else hinges on the implementation. I am available to follow up and implement the strategy on a retainer basis. Depending on your budget, I could either take on the implementation process myself or bring in one of my partners to walk the journey with you.


Mentorship Programme

This works best for businesses/agencies with a majority of junior staff. If you were to engage me, I’d be able to lead and train them to be more efficient in their work and help achieve your business goals.


The main difference between my mentorship programme and others is that I will be involved in the actual work. In other words, it will be as good as hiring a senior manager to lead your team at a fraction of the cost. Don’t just take my word for it, check out what some of my young padawans have to say.

Gerald’s passion and dedication to all things digital are admirable. A great mentor who led me to digital marketing when I had no prior experience. He is equipped with all the know-hows and the fast-changing digital realm is never too quick for him to catch up. Gerald has always been approachable and generous to share his skills and knowledge. I learnt more than I expected to and his mentorship allowed me to set my first foot into digital marketing with confidence.
– Jeslyn Lim, Community Manager

From creating punchy Tweets to leveraging promoted content, Gerald showed me the ropes when I was his colleague at a PR agency. I learned the basics of how to blend elements of digital marketing with PR to provide an integrated offering to many of our clients.
– Ken Tham, Account Manager

Few people have a meaningful and rewarding first internship, but I did when I worked with Gerald. As a mentor, he was organised and was ready to work with all kinds of experience levels. I was grateful for how much thought he had put into organising the internship: ensuring the interns had ample opportunity to learn, trusting me with decision-making responsibility, and recognising good work. Gerald continues to be a friend and is a great mentor for anyone seeking to learn about digital marketing.
– Mary-Anne Ho, Brand Executive

I was colleagues with Gerald in a boutique advertising agency back in 2013. During my time there I witnessed Gerald’s capabilities in handling digital projects. He was able to pull off digital projects with a lean team – be it from managing social media projects to coordinating digital projects like websites/applications. Not only that, he has been very patient and willing to impart his knowledge and skills to his teammates. He is a valuable mentor that I could count on for advice all the time.
– Loh Wei Rong, Digital Content Strategist